Conscientiously designed, contemporary residences
in classic neighbourhoods

Circa has a unique approach to city living. Inspired by New York brownstones and London walk-ups, we build contemporary interiors in original structures. What we offer is rare – a custom home experience in condo form. Now available in Toronto – and only from Circa.

About Us

Circa is not your average developer. We don’t build cookie-cutter condos. We discover, design, and deliver residences for people who recognize quality and appreciate good design. A Circa home is more than a building. It provides you a sense of community. We offer the conveniences of condo living with the intimacy of a neighbourhood home.

Our Philosophy

Our philosopy is simple – we transform classic buildings, keeping the best of what’s old and adding the best of what’s new. We distinctively bring an ethos, palette, and design paradigm originating from custom homes to condominiums. We are constantly striving to produce the best homes we can, always asking ourselves how we can make our buildings better.


Conscientious design is important to Circa. Every Circa home is a thoughtful composition with generous space and natural light streaming in on three sides. We choose finishes that mass-market condos won’t because they cost a little more: natural stone over porcelain tile, authentic wood trim over composite short cuts. These are quality finishes that will survive Tonka trunk collisions and wine spills, and develop grace and patina with time.

We spend time at the beginning to help you save over the long haul, incorporating features that reduce long-term costs. We spend endless hours solving problems up front so that you’ll never know they exist – from soundproofing to thermal bridges to water supply systems. We build better buildings for you to live a more comfortable life knowing that your Circa home is designed with integrity and built to last.


For Circa home does not begin and end at your front door. That’s why neighbourhood is one of the first things we consider when building a Circa home. We build in the heart of Toronto’s mature communities where shops, restaurants, schools, parks, and transit are already established. Coming home feels more personal. In place of awkward elevator rides and lonely corridors there are friendly neighbours and a general pride of ownership.

Discover authenticity and character outside your front door. Develop a daily ritual for your morning coffee. Get to know your favourite local retauranteur. Score the perfect nearby school for your children. We believe a great home is the result of modern convenience and an intimate community. At Circa, we deliver both.

Meet Neil + Evan

Meet Neil Spiegel

When Neil was a child he wanted to build robotic replacement parts for people so they could live forever. That proved a tad difficult, so he turned his attention to making buildings that could last forever instead. Neil’s passion for creating efficient, beautifully crafted homes comes from a deep understanding of the needs of modern families and households. He designs and creates homes that suit the patterns of living today. When Neil is at the table, you can be sure that every decision – from the feel of the warm radiant floor underfoot, to the quality of the doorknobs and the level of sound-proofing – has been zealously explored and thoughtfully decided. Neil’s passion for technology, innovation, and the environment translates into exceptional, sustainable, luxurious homes. His passion for fedoras? Well that’s one we can’t explain.

Q: Favourite neighbourhood?

A: I love exploring new neighbourhoods that I haven’t been to, discovering their hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall spots. That’s why I love my neighbourhood (Roncesvalles/Queen West), it’s full of local flavour and home to Balluchon, my favourite café/bakery. Your home doesn’t begin and end at your front door; it’s tied to your neighbourhood. That’s why neighbourhood is one of the first things we consider when building a Circa home. We think about where we would want to live, what we’d want close to us, and we go from there.

Q: Crown moulding or wainscotting?

A: To me, that question is really about what kinds of historic detailing suit a modern residence? I like to consider each building on its own terms and work creatively with the historic footprint to design modern interiors.

Q: Favourite feature in 1657 Bathurst?

A: The first thing I think about in a home is the quality of light. At 1657 Bathurst we provide the owners with light from all directions – this results in a feeling of openness in all the rooms. There’s nothing more luxurious than an abundance of natural light and we’ve made sure that in each residence, light flows naturally.
"Neil and I collaborate extraordinarily well together. He’s basically the smartest person I know. Always positive. A puzzle master extraordinaire, full of outside-the-box solutions and big convention-defying ideas. He’s the guy who sees forest while others debate the bushes."
Meet Evan Johnsen

Evan Johnsen is a renaissance man. Idealistic and relentless, when he puts his mind to something, you can be sure he’s going to follow through. Buildings are his reason for getting up in the morning (well that and his two kids under two, who still don’t understand the concept of a good night’s sleep). Whether debating form, function, design, efficiency, or value, Evan is never happier than when he’s trying to answer the questions, “How can we make this better?” or “Where’s the value being created?” In his former life as a luxury travel guide, Evan travelled to over 100 countries, but these days, he’s happy putting down roots in Toronto, and helping others do the same in homes that are built for the long haul.

Q: A technical building concept that you love to nerd out about?

A: Water. We take it for granted and so much is wasted. We all grew up in a home that had two water systems – hot & cold. At Circa, we’ve engineered five. They allow us to live more efficiently and sustainably. For example, we can recapture the heat from your morning shower and reuse the water for flushing toilets. It’s the kind of simple improvement that comes from thinking deeper and challenging convention.

Q: What’s the one thing you’ve seen in residences around the world that you’d like to introduce in Toronto?

A: I'm inspired by the architecture of predominately mid-rise cities like Paris, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. The combination of mixed use and stratified ownership lend richness to the urban fabric. They share a design paradigm where the goal is to create spaces that can endure for centuries. There’s a magical mix of density and diversity that sparks incredible creativity and vitality, and I’d love to see more of that in Toronto.

Q: What’s one thing you can’t live without in your home?

A: A kick ass kitchen. I've visited shoebox condos with a galley layout that would struggle to reheat takeout. As a consummate foodie who married a professional chef, the kitchen is the heart of our home.
"Evan has a tireless ability to attend to detail – to look at drawings over and over again, to continue to improve them. He has an unwavering drive to make things better. Even if it takes us longer and costs a bit more, he never gives up. It can be tempting to accept less sometimes. Evan makes sure we never do."