Taking the Next Step with Your Family in Toronto’s Cedarvale Community

Finding the perfect home in a great Toronto neighbourhood with enough space to suit your growing family is certainly no walk in the park these days.

There are plenty of high-rise condos popping up across the city, but many are located in the busy downtown core and feature layouts and square footage tailored more toward the lifestyles of single professionals than for couples with kids.

Imagine finding a space with ample room for all your loved ones, located in a charming tree-lined neighbourhood with plenty of green space, shopping and dining options, as well as a litany of great schools nearby? It’s not impossible, and in fact, it’s exactly what we aim to bring to the market with each of our projects, including our latest collection of residences at 3 Markdale.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s prestigious Cedarvale neighbourhood, 3 Markdale offers all the ease and convenience of condo living, but in a low-rise format inspired by New York brownstones and London walk-ups. Because who wants to cart children, pets and even themselves up and down countless floors on an elevator every day of their life? Also, we can’t express enough the health benefits of walk-up compared to high-rise living. Walk-ups are simply more conducive to a happier, lower stress, community-focused way of life.

Inside 3 Markdale—as with our past projects four projects—we’re building extra-large family sized suites that will rival most homes in the city, with efficient layouts, indoor and outdoor space and a great location in one of this city’s more coveted neighbourhoods.

If you’re looking to move your family up (but you still want to stay close to the ground), 3 Markdale is the home you’ve been looking for!