The many benefits of living on a tree-lined street

The research is in – there are a ton of benefits to living on a tree-lined street. Circa homes are as a rule situated on mature tree-lined streets for a reason. Did you know that having over ten trees on your block has health benefits comparable to a significant raise or adding seven years to your life?

A team led by University of Chicago researcher Marc Berman found that people who live on tree-lined streets are less likely to report high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease or diabetes. Trees are magical. They provide cooling shade in the summer and let the warmth shine in all winter They also encourage walking, reduce road rage, increase property values, and have a general calming and healing effect. They also absorb air pollution, provide housing for friendly urban critters, lower urban air temperature, and store carbon emissions.

There are political promises to double Toronto’s tree-planting budget by 2019, expanding the tree canopy, and we hope that happens for so many reasons.